Dear Telstra

Dear Telstra,

My colleagues and I have been receiving harassing and threatening phone calls at work. Some sicko calls and whispers down the phone sexual and intimidating things. No matter what we do he continues to call, sometimes tying up the phone line for hours at a time.

The business owner is currently overseas at the moment and uncontactable and he is the only person with authorisation on the account. On Thursday night I called Telstra to find out the procedure for dealing with these calls because I know from dealing with this once before that there is a way of doing this without the account holder. There has to be – harassing and threating phone calls are against the law and it would defy reasonableness for people to have to put up with them until such time as the account holder could be contacted.

I explained the situation to the person who answered. Her immediate reply was that she needed to know the phone number on which they were occuring. I reiterated to her that I could not access the account because I was not the account holder and that I wanted to know general procedures and what to do in my circumstance. She persisted with wanting to know the phone number so I provided it to her, again explaining I couldn’t access the account. She then asked me for my details to check if I was authorised to access the account.

By this stage I was getting pretty annoyed because she was a. clearly not listening to me and b. clearly incapable of assisting me with my inquiry due to ineptness or bad training. I expressed my annoyance and she told me to “calm down” because she had to follow procedures. So I’ve waited on hold for 20 minutes to speak to someone who isn’t able to do their job and I’ve explained myself three times and then she has the gall to tell me to calm down, even though she’s wrong.

I then decided to try to circumvent the whole issue by saying it was happening to my phone. That way I could give her the relevant authorisation information for the account, get the information I needed, and be done with it. Can you imagine for a second how frustrating that was? That I had to figure out a “work around” to compensate for your employee’s incompetence? And then, when I went down this path, she laughed at me and effectively chided me for not providing her with the real phone number in the first place. Seriously?

My family has multiple Telstra accounts and for simplification purposes they are all in my father’s name. However I have always – for the last decade – had authorised access because I am the one who deals with problems and issues. This employee flatly refused to let me access the account because I was not the account holder. She wouldn’t let me answer quesitons about the account to gain access.

This is ludicrous, not just because I am authorised to have access, but because there are many situations in which the primary account holder is not the only one with access to an account. Just to be sure I put her on hold and rang my father to check and he confirmed that, yes indeed, I still had access. (He subsequently called Telstra to confirm this and it was indeed the case.)

At this point I’d had enough. I was dealing with someone who clearly didn’t have a clue, didn’t understand me and wasn’t capable of assisting me. I requested to speak to her supervisor. She refused. I was absolutely at the end of my tether at this point and I shouted at her and hung up.

I subsequently called back and the person I spoke to answered my question about the procedure for dealing with problem phone calls immediately. I was never even asked if I was a Telstra customer. That was how I expected the original phone call to be handled.

The orginal call needlessly and unreasonably completely wasted 40 minutes of my time, not to mention my father’s when he had to make another needless call to confirm my account access. If I’d spent 40 minutes talking to my cat I would have gotten the same amount of help and been far less frustrated. That employee has no business answering customer calls due to both her incompetence and appalling attitude and it is unacceptable that Telstra allow her to do so.

I then started receiving multiple phone calls and SMSes from Telstra that repeatedly interrupted other calls I was making.

I don’t want an apology. I would like this matter investigated and to know exactly what Telstra is going to do to sort out this employee, and for Telstra to provide some form of compensation for my time being wasted.

Dear Telstra

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