Andy Tchappat: A Warning

Real Name: Andrew “Andy” David Tchappat.
Names Used: Andy Champeret, Andy Champerret, Andy David, probably other Italian or French sounding surnames.

Phone: Won’t publish – contact me for details. May have several, but does have a main one.

Profession: May claim he is a commercial solicitor for Channel 7, working on TV shows such as Sunday Night, Home & Away, Sunrise or for Universal Studios or some other large organisation. Has previously posed as a police officer and undercover police officer. Was actually a Regional Manager for Gerard Lighting Group, but has recently lost his job.

Age: 39; sometimes claims younger (eg 36).

Significant Details:
– Spider tattoo on shoulder;
– Claims he is after a normal massage and is surprised about extras on offer;
– Quickly turns things personal asking for real name, info about personal life etc. May do this before even booking and particularly wants to add you on Facebook;
– Intense communication followed by distance;
– Claims to live in Double Bay in Sydney, have a huge property portfolio, often mentioned buying a house in Tranmere in Hobart;
– May talk about owning or having owned a brothel in Sydney, name given of Abella Mia on Kellett St in Potts Point/Kings Cross.
– May talk about owning or having owned a hairdressing salon in Double Bay;
– May talk about a failed business with an ex-girlfriend, claiming she ripped off the company to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars;
– Served on Rural Alive and Well (RAW) Board in Tasmania for several years;
– Grew up in then escaped from the Exclusive Brethren in Launceston in late teens/early 20s;
– Parents Italian and French;
– 3-5 kids;
– Has an ex-wife with whom he claims to have a great relationship;
– Was leading a double life with one relationship and residence in Sydney and the other in Howrah in Hobart;
– May claim he has or had cancer and may target those with cancer or how have a close associate with cancer;
– Likely to target those in media, with a legal association and sex workers;
– Seeks out people randomly on online sites such as Facebook, Gumtree and punterplanet.

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When I wrote my original blog post on Andrew (Andy) Tchappat and his dalliances with sex workers I anticipated that I might get the odd contact from someone he had been similarly involved with. I thought I was dealing with an attention-seeking manipulative womanising jerk. I had no idea that what I had experienced was, literally, the tip of the iceberg and that Andy is a monster who appears to get off on playing games with and using women for his own financial means. His trail of destruction stretches back two decades and is a story of the most extraordinarily widespread deceit, brazenness and nastiness I have ever heard about, the kind that leaves your head spinning in shock. As someone said to me, “the only step beyond that is a serial killer”.

Dozens of women have come forward, just from a small Facebook post. Given the stories there are bound to be hundreds, possibly thousands, of women he has targeted. A website has been set up for people to share their stories so we can inform people, hopefully prevent future harm and hold him accountable. The original Facebook post is viewable here: and the website is

One of the main reasons Andy’s destruction is so widespread is that he targets women randomly via online sites. He will friend someone he doesn’t know on Facebook (that’s his favourite, but he uses other social media), claiming a tenuous connection and drawing them out with a discussion about something personal he has seen them post. On more than one occasion he has used someone’s cancer battle, actually lying about having cancer himself. He will respond to an online ad on Gumtree, turn up and then make out that he finds you so attractive and interesting and feels so connected to you that he just has to ask you out. He also uses online dating sites and forums. All women with an online presence are vulnerable to this predator.

Private sex workers, however, seem to be one of his favoured targets. This makes sense: sex workers are specifically advertising online for contact from men. From Andy’s point of view that is effectively an invitation. He also seems titillated by and drawn to the perceived excitement of the sex industry. His Facebook, Andy David, which he uses almost solely for hooking people as he does not friend people who know him well or partners, has a significant number of sex worker friends. On Twitter, under the username @tasarchie, he followed a lot of sex workers. He also has a presence on the punterplanet forum (contact me for details of his username; I suspect he has more than one) and seeks out women via the various private sex worker advertising sites such as Cracker, privategirls, Backpage, Locanto and escortsandbabes and via newspaper advertisements. He has also placed his own advertisement on at least Locanto, actively trying to attract sex workers.

Andy does not always pursue a booking. Rather he either pretends he’s going to and tries to turn the communication into a personal meeting instead, or he simply gets in touch under some other guise with a story designed to demonstrate a connection of some sort. He claims to own a brothel named Abella Mia in Potts Point/Kings Cross in Sydney, which is untrue, and may use this as a hook for conversational purposes or offering potential working opportunities. If he does pursue a booking this will most likely be an erotic massage/rub n tug service and he may try to claim that he was after a “regular massage” and is surprised by the extras on offer, but simply can’t resist because of his attraction to the service provider. He will almost certainly have a story about how he “doesn’t pay for sex”. His story doesn’t add up, of course. Why would someone with an association with the sex industry not know about an erotic massage/rub n tug service? Why would someone place an ad for a massage in the sex section of Locanto and then be surprised when the responses were erotic massage/rub n tug? What does he think the booking is, if not paying for sex? He will then pursue a personal relationship immediately.

Andy has several identities that he has used over the years. His favoured one is a commercial lawyer. Currently he says he works for Channel 7 but he has also previously said Wesfarmers and Universal Studios in the United States. He seems a bit obsessed with anyone who has any sort of legal association, whether they are lawyers themselves or have family members who are, or have studied it. He has also claimed to be a police officer and an undercover police officer. None of this has even a modicum of truth to it; he’s not even in the ballpark. And again his story will not add up. Commercial lawyers do not typically work on one particular TV show, if they are even in-house. He talks about having done his Articles more than once for different reasons. He may say he got his law degree from a TAFE. He’ll claim he can’t appear in certain courts, in situations where he would be able to. He maintains connections to people who enable him to get the information to make his cover story seem real. For example, he was close to someone with ties to Channel 7 while pretending to work for them, which enabled him to give inside information about upcoming episodes of shows. The reality is vastly different. Andy has barely been able to hold down a job for more than two years, due to his disappearing acts, incompetence and in some cases bullying and fraudulent activities. His current one was as Regional Manager for a lighting company, but right on cue he has been made redundant.He has consistently claimed he has a vast array of property wealth, and this has equally consistently been proven to be false.

One of the challenges in identifying him is that he has been known to use a fake name, particularly with sex workers. He gave me a fake surname and with another has used the name of one of his sons’ as his own. Fortunately there is one particularly notable element of his identity that makes him stand out. He grew up with and escaped from/was thrown out of the Exclusive Brethren, a strict religious sect. Contrary to his story that his family are always trying to convince him to return, they have spent years trying to sort out his issues and will have very little, if anything, to do with him. The Brethren background is used to explain his emotional issues and add credence to the victim persona if he is confronted. He has five children, though will sometimes only refer to the three he has with his ex-wife. Depending on the circumstances he will either say he has a great relationship with his ex, that they are “best mates” or he will refer to her in extremely negative terms. This is the same of all the women with whom he has associated: when they are on side they are fantastic; when they are not they are nutjobs, crazy, stupid and bad.

Beyond his obsession with the law, the cover story enables him to pretend to have a huge array of commitments and a lot of travel requirements. This is crucial because he has women on the go all over the country. At the time of writing this, 2016, Andy was claiming to live in Double Bay in Sydney, but travelling to Hobart for work with the intention of moving down here to be closer to his children. Actually he had multiple women on the go and was leading a full double life. He had one long-term (eight years) partner in Hobart and another long-term (three years) partner to whom he was engaged in Sydney. His story about these women, and why he has to communicate with them, is that they are his PA or a close friend, often a close lesbian friend. Given he has made a number of references to Melbourne, and a few to Canberra, and that references to places are usually indicative of some association with something there, it is likely Andy has another woman or project or both in at least Melbourne and maybe Canberra. He has certainly been in communication with sex workers in Melbourne.

There will be periods of extremely intense communication followed by distance when he is elsewhere/busy with someone else. Initially he will ask a lot of very invasive, revealing questions and make similarly “revealing” comments. He wants to know all about your life and relationship status, with sex workers he has asked about our provision of natural services. He talks about the importance of honesty, the strength of the connection, how the meeting and involvement are “meant to be”, and makes references to a future together. He will pay for things and may give you gifts. Then he will go AWOL before the next round. You might get the odd innocuous message, just to keep you on the hook. If you challenge him on his absence you are “putting too much pressure on things”. If you want to talk about problems you are having with the relationship he will have an enormous story about how much pressure he is under in his life with his job, his health and family issues. Keep pushing and he’ll turn on the tears or become emotionally abusive. He is calculating and cunning with his communication in the way he portrays himself and others in his life and gets under your skin, often seemingly innocuously planting seeds of information which’s purpose becomes clear later. The constant push/pull, hot/cold, inconsistencies and damage to one’s emotional wellbeing is enough to send anyone around the bend.

Andy appears to be primarily looking for an opportunity to play out his lifestyle fantasies of financial wealth and an exciting career. Some of his associations seem to serve no greater purpose than attention and game playing, with him enjoying the sense of importance and amusement he gets out of having women believe him and stay on his hook. But often he seeks out people with connections to the media, the sex industry or the law or who need assistance in one of these areas. He will use any information you give you to add depth to his story to others. He will also be looking for an opportunity to get money from you directly or use you to pursue a business opportunity.

While historically it appears he just made up the existence of businesses, more recently he has actually set them up. He was heavily involved in the running of a traffic management business in Hobart that as a result of over-spending and non-payment of tax was sent into liquidation in late 2015, with a hefty debt in the vicinity of $700,000. Andy was not a Director of this company, his partner was, so he is not on the line for the debt. Around the same time this business was going broke Andy set up a hairdressing salon with his partner in Sydney. She made the initial substantial financial investment and then the business went backwards in the space of six months to be sold for a pittance, again with outstanding debts. Andy, however, was a Director of this company. He also seeks money from women directly. Using company money and that which he has directly acquired enables Andy to live a life far beyond his means, thereby adding to his wealthy and successful persona.

Whenever Andy is threatened with exposure, which has happened many times over the years, he goes on the attack. He uses fear, shame and embarrassment to keep people quiet. He has threatened to have people’s children taken away from them, to destroy careers, to expose something they’d rather people didn’t know. In the last few days, people who have come forward with their stories have been warned to stay silent and he has attempted to abuse them into submission. We all have skeletons in our closet and with his penchant for revealing conversations he finds them out. Again, sex workers are particularly vulnerable in this regard because many of them are not open about their work precisely due to the stigma; his threats mean potential damage to relationships and reputation. Not to mention that for most of us it is mortifying to think we were sucked in by this person and relive all our stupidity. So despite a lot of will over the years, it has been difficult to get the story out there.

That appears to be changing. When I wrote the original blog post I hoped that I would connect with other women so we could support each other and warn others. As horrible as it is to hear about all the damage he has done, I am pleased that at least this has happened. Though it is clichéd, we are stronger together, and the great irony of Andy’s attempts to silence people and in some instances pit friends against each other is that it has actually led to a tight network and support group.

And now more than ever I believe this bastard has to be stopped. The breadth and depth of his harm is mind-blowing. I would encourage him to seek help, but he has gone down that path a number of times before when he has been caught out and they appear to have been nothing more than perfunctory, last resort attempts at keeping people on side and himself a chance to regroup. He returns to his messed up behaviour and nefarious activities straight away. Everything with Andy is an act. 

Unfortunately the law doesn’t recognise this sort of personal behaviour. However, we are not powerless. By putting the stories out there and sharing them far and wide we can make others aware of him so they do not get sucked into his web, or, if they already are, they know they are not alone and can get out of it. Further, given his dodgy activities around his identity, money, work and businesses, it is possible that by sharing information we will come across something that can hold him legally accountable. So if you have encountered this sorry excuse for a human, let us know. Any information is welcome and you can tell the story publically or privately. And whoever you are, whether you have met him or not, share this post and the website on every social media account you have. It is imperative that women everywhere are aware of this parasite. In particular, those of you who know sex workers, please, tell them. Information dissemination to sex workers about possible dodgy clients is one of the hardest things to achieve because so many are disconnected from each other and sex work organisations. And given so many sex workers are closeted, you are probably friends with some you don’t even know about. So again: share, share, share

Finally, I want to say something to the other women who have already shared their stories. My story was tame; it is ultimately nothing more than an amusing anecdote. Some of what the rest of you experienced, and continue to experience, is soul-destroying and shudder-inducing just as a spectator. Your strength and bravery just in living it, let alone coming forward, is amazing. You should not be ashamed that you were sucked in, but proud of the fact that it means you were being a kind, compassionate, empathetic and understanding human being. And in all the moments you feel embarrassed, weak, confused, stressed, insane and exhausted, remember that you have won because he no longer has any power. I take my hat off to all of you.

Everything written here is backed up by evidence. I have refrained from using direct references and people’s names because I do not think it right that, if someone googled them, this would show up. They do not deserve to be dragged through the mud any more than they already have been by him. I would relish the opportunity to meet Andy in a courtroom and have it all examined on public record.

Andy Tchappat: A Warning

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