Andy Tchappat: A Warning

Real Name: Andrew “Andy” David Tchappat.
Names Used: Andy Champeret, Andy Champerret, Andy David, probably other Italian or French sounding surnames.

Phone: Won’t publish – contact me for details. May have several, but does have a main one.

Profession: May claim he is a commercial solicitor for Channel 7, working on TV shows such as Sunday Night, Home & Away, Sunrise or for Universal Studios or some other large organisation. Has previously posed as a police officer and undercover police officer. Was actually a Regional Manager for Gerard Lighting Group, but has recently lost his job.

Age: 39; sometimes claims younger (eg 36).

Significant Details:
– Spider tattoo on shoulder;
– Claims he is after a normal massage and is surprised about extras on offer;
– Quickly turns things personal asking for real name, info about personal life etc. May do this before even booking and particularly wants to add you on Facebook;
– Intense communication followed by distance;
– Claims to live in Double Bay in Sydney, have a huge property portfolio, often mentioned buying a house in Tranmere in Hobart;
– May talk about owning or having owned a brothel in Sydney, name given of Abella Mia on Kellett St in Potts Point/Kings Cross.
– May talk about owning or having owned a hairdressing salon in Double Bay;
– May talk about a failed business with an ex-girlfriend, claiming she ripped off the company to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars;
– Served on Rural Alive and Well (RAW) Board in Tasmania for several years;
– Grew up in then escaped from the Exclusive Brethren in Launceston in late teens/early 20s;
– Parents Italian and French;
– 3-5 kids;
– Has an ex-wife with whom he claims to have a great relationship;
– Was leading a double life with one relationship and residence in Sydney and the other in Howrah in Hobart;
– May claim he has or had cancer and may target those with cancer or how have a close associate with cancer;
– Likely to target those in media, with a legal association and sex workers;
– Seeks out people randomly on online sites such as Facebook, Gumtree and punterplanet.

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Andy Tchappat: A Warning

Andy Tchappat: The Brothel

After a lot of research and some assistance from others who know Andy, I have finally cracked the mystery brothel situation. Rather than edit the original post I feel it deserves its own explanation. And you can read the full story about Andy’s activities here.

Let’s start with what Andy told me and then we’ll move on to reality.

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Andy Tchappat: The Brothel