Andy Tchappat: A Warning

Real Name: Andrew “Andy” David Tchappat.
Names Used: Andy Champeret, Andy Champerret, Andy David, probably other Italian or French sounding surnames.

Phone: Won’t publish – contact me for details. May have several, but does have a main one.

Profession: May claim he is a commercial solicitor for Channel 7, working on TV shows such as Sunday Night, Home & Away, Sunrise or for Universal Studios or some other large organisation. Has previously posed as a police officer and undercover police officer. Was actually a Regional Manager for Gerard Lighting Group, but has recently lost his job.

Age: 39; sometimes claims younger (eg 36).

Significant Details:
– Spider tattoo on shoulder;
– Claims he is after a normal massage and is surprised about extras on offer;
– Quickly turns things personal asking for real name, info about personal life etc. May do this before even booking and particularly wants to add you on Facebook;
– Intense communication followed by distance;
– Claims to live in Double Bay in Sydney, have a huge property portfolio, often mentioned buying a house in Tranmere in Hobart;
– May talk about owning or having owned a brothel in Sydney, name given of Abella Mia on Kellett St in Potts Point/Kings Cross.
– May talk about owning or having owned a hairdressing salon in Double Bay;
– May talk about a failed business with an ex-girlfriend, claiming she ripped off the company to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars;
– Served on Rural Alive and Well (RAW) Board in Tasmania for several years;
– Grew up in then escaped from the Exclusive Brethren in Launceston in late teens/early 20s;
– Parents Italian and French;
– 3-5 kids;
– Has an ex-wife with whom he claims to have a great relationship;
– Was leading a double life with one relationship and residence in Sydney and the other in Howrah in Hobart;
– May claim he has or had cancer and may target those with cancer or how have a close associate with cancer;
– Likely to target those in media, with a legal association and sex workers;
– Seeks out people randomly on online sites such as Facebook, Gumtree and punterplanet.

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Andy Tchappat: A Warning